Social Media Marketing

Which marketing campaigns have seized your attention? Maybe it was one of Budweiser's heart-wrenching tales of a man, a dog and a Clydesdale during a SuperBowl, maybe it was last Christmas when you uploaded a picture of your friends' faces to the Office Depot "Elf Yourself" E-Card.

Whatever it is, BrandHigher will work with you to construct a unique and memorable marketing strategy that can be employed across the social media spectrum. We'll manage every aspect of your social media accounts or simply give you the guidance you need to set your campaign on the right path.


We're constantly developing new strategies to share and seed your content across the web. We work in every medium to give your consumers new and exciting information about your product and the industry, including: videos, infographics, animations, promotional materials, and anything else that your cannabis business needs to convey its unique personality.

Digital Media

Every marketing campaign must be measured to provide an accurate ROI to the client. This includes finding the best outlet in which to place your marketing message, and figuring out the overall cost. Assessing what media outlet is good for your business is as important as the message itself.



Pay to have an ad placed. Includes banner advert, social media advert, an editorial, or other content syndication.



Leverage consumer interest using your own internal channel. Includes Website, Mobile Site, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and all other internal promotional platforms.



Getting customers to organically promote your message. Includes shares, reposts, reviews and mentions. Usually the result of good paid and owned media.



Cost-per-click is the price you pay each time someone clicks on your advert. Cost-per-thousand is the price you pay for every thousand people who view your advert.

Through thoughtful topic research and well-integrated reporting, our team is able to maintain regulatory updates in an ever-changing industry.


Our skilled animators and video production team will provide you with the highest quality video for your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Don't have one? No problem. We'll create one for you. After all, YouTube and Vimeo provide a platform from which to tell a memorable story, promote a call-to-action, or create an engaging visual sequence.

Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing is vital to your Search Engine Optimization success. We'll drive the right traffic to your site by using only the most effective SEO keywords to boost your ranking. We always optimize the seeding of your content, and take into account how search engines respond to each post across social media platforms.

Original Articles (Native Advertising):

Our team of industry experts will craft a well-researched article for your business's website, blog, or social media platform. Original content is critical to gaining an audience across the internet; just sharing the work of other companies and websites won't get you the attention your business deserves.


Press Releases

Create a buzz and boost traffic to your site and business with a newsworthy announcement for the cannabis industry. We'll work closely with you to connect the details of your new product or service with the right audience.

Your press release will have a 98% chance of being featured in Google News, as well as The Press Enterprise, Mercury News, The Boston Globe,, The Daily Herald and thousands more news sources. Every press release comes with a report containing every site that has immediately published your press release.

Content Creation:

A web page needs great content in order to rank highly in a search engine. Let our team of writers elaborate on your products and services to express information clearly and concisely to your customers, giving you an edge over your competition


Marketing Materials:

Create or refresh your flyers or brochures with contemporary new content to complement your new design. Your company can even benefit from a new tagline or business card.